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    MPC Live vs MPC 60ii // Can you hear the difference??

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    I’ve always wondered how the MPC Live VS MPC60 would go when it comes to getting that lofi crunchy sound. I sampled directly into the MPC and created the same pattern on both machines. I set the MPC Swing to 60%. Then took a chord from Splice and pitched it up one octave to stretch the sample back down on the MPC to get some Aliasing samples. The first part is a blind listening test then the rest is a direct comparison. How did you do? Could you tell the difference?

    Deep house on BlackBox ONLY // I just wanna jam

    Sometimes i just want to sit and jam and do nothing else. Feel free to hang out while i try to make Deep House on one sampler. Spoiler Alert.. I failed and caved by using the Pocket Operator Tonic at some point. Eitherway using the Blackbox to enter slices, or granular, or all its updates always inspire me to try something new, and if i don’t im usually happy with the track idea that comes out of it all!
    Black Box –
    Tonic –
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    Its finally Perfect!! Audio Routing version 336 // Hardware Into Ableton live studio setup

    This question comes up way too often, i wish i had a bit more of a permanent answer but my studio setup is always changing. Hopefully this video will shed some light on how i have my hybrid studio setup. This is useful to most things, i’d say the most important aspect would be an interface with a decent amount of inputs for your analog gear. I went with the Focusrite Clarett 8Pre and Octopre Dynamic. Over ADAT i can run 16 inputs and 8 outputs no problem. Especially utilizing the patchbay, i…