E.S.P. – Live Better Electrically

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Electric Universe – Nova

Taken from Electric Universe´s 7nd Album originally released 2004 on Spirit Zone Records

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Berlin based musician, Boris Blenn, is the innovative mind behind the internationally acclaimed ‘Electric Universe’ project.Boris has been active in the global electronic dance music scene for over two & a half decades and is considered by many as one of the fathers of Goa Trance the parent genre of what later became Psy Trance. Throughout the decades the Electric Universe brand has matured and grown bigger, attracting large audiences and fans all over the world. Unlike many old time projects the Electric Universe brand has always kept relevant and transformed perfectly and constantly impacted over time.The discography of Electric Universe is long and wide and includes some of the greatest hits of all times on both Goa Trance & Psy Trance genre’s charts.
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